Rough Cleans

The first trip to the site just after construction.¬†Consist on removing all trash or other debris inside the building to the dumpster or to the site designated by the Site Superintendent. ¬†Clean the paint residue on the windows left from the painter’s initial clean up. All manufacturer stickers, or other labels will be removed from all windows inside and out. etc.

Final Cleans

The second trip to the site in preparation for the inspection by the Owner, such that the Owner could, if they desired, take possession of, and occupy the unit upon completion of this initial inspection.

Pressure Washing

No matter what unique mixture of grime builds up on your machinery, or construction site, Allure is ready with the correct pressure washer for the job. Allure always leaves a construction site in the best condition for the new tenant.


Allure provides the final construction sweeps to rid your area of any debris left behind. Its a very important part of keeping any constructions site clean and safe.

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